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Creating a Positive Impact

Drei (Andrei Savu): A Multifaceted Creative in Music Production, Videography, and Youth Facilitation




I am Andrei Savu, widely known by my artistic moniker Drei. I am a multifaceted creative excelling in music production, videography, and youth facilitation. Born in Romania in 1988, my family and I sought refuge in Greece before immigrating to Canada, where I embraced a new life enriched by diverse experiences. Currently based in Montreal, Canada, I have established myself as an artist with a versatile range of talents, creating captivating music, visually striking videos, and empowering young individuals through creative projects.


Early Years and Passion for Music:


From an early age, I felt a deep connection to the world of music. Growing up in Ahuntsic, Montreal, I discovered my passion for creating beats and producing music. At the age of 11, I was introduced to the music of 2pac, which ignited a fire within me and set me on the path of rap music. It was during this time that I adopted the name Drei, a name that has become synonymous with my artistic identity.


Mastering the Art of Music Production:


Fueled by my love for music, I immersed myself in the art of music production. Through years of relentless practice and dedication, I honed my skills and developed a unique and captivating sound. With a catalog boasting over 600 type beats, I have showcased my versatility and ability to create diverse musical compositions that resonate with listeners. Moreover, my talent and passion for collaboration have led me to work with countless international artists from all continents, including South America and Asia. These collaborations have allowed me to infuse my music with a global perspective and create powerful cross-cultural connections through the universal language of music.


Venturing into Videography:


In 2012, I expanded my creative horizons by venturing into the realm of videography. Embracing the power of visual storytelling, I purchased my first video camera, allowing me to capture moments and create stunning visuals that complement and elevate music. Since then, I have directed and filmed over 100 professional music videos for artists across Montreal and Canada, establishing myself as a skilled videographer known for creating compelling narratives.


Empowering the Youth:


Driven by a desire to empower and inspire the next generation, I have dedicated my efforts to the N'we Jinan Mobile Production Studio. Through this program, I have had the privilege of working with schools and communities across Canada, including British Columbia, the Northwest Territories located in the Arctic, and many more. In addition, my passion for youth empowerment has taken me beyond Canadian borders, as I have also undertaken projects in the United States. With a commitment to reaching communities far and wide, I have traveled to over 80 communities, amplifying the voices and talents of young individuals across diverse regions and cultures. My work has made a profound impact on the lives of countless youth, instilling in them a sense of confidence, creativity, and self-expression.


Academic Pursuit:


Recognizing the importance of a solid foundation in music and audio engineering, I pursued a major in Electroacoustics at Concordia University. My studies in this field provided me with a comprehensive understanding of sound engineering and further enhanced my abilities as a music producer and sound technician. This academic background has allowed me to bring a unique perspective and technical expertise to my creative projects.


Notable Recognitions:


My dedication to empowering youth and amplifying their voices has garnered significant recognition, including capturing the attention of the Prime Minister of Canada, who shared some of my work on his Twitter page. This acknowledgment from such a prominent figure highlights the power and impact of my creative projects in promoting positive change and inspiring others. In addition, my work has been featured by CBC Newfoundland, highlighting a hip-hop song project in 2019 where Innu teen voices were amplified through music. CTV Edmonton also showcased one of my music video projects in 2019, emphasizing the power of giving youth a platform to express themselves. APTN National News covered the N'we Jinan program, showcasing its impact on Indigenous communities across the Prairies. These notable recognitions have solidified the reach and influence of my creative endeavors.




From my origins as Andrei Savu to the widely recognized name of Drei, I have embraced a multifaceted career as a music producer, videographer, and youth facilitator. With a repertoire encompassing over 600 type beats and a portfolio of more than 100 professional music videos, my creative endeavors have captivated audiences and left a lasting impact. My dedication to empowering youth and amplifying their voices has garnered notable recognition, solidifying my position as a respected artist and advocate. With a unique blend of musical artistry, visual storytelling, and a passion for nurturing young talent, I remain steadfast in my commitment to creating a positive impact and inspiring the next generation of artists.

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