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Explore my collection of captivating visuals, showcasing a diverse range of musical genres and artistic visions. From energetic hip-hop beats to heartfelt ballads, each video is a testament to my creativity, passion, and the power of music to inspire.

(Make sure you watch them in HD or 4K)


Lisa Belle - Warzone (Official Music Video)

Here's the music video created for artist Lisa Belle for her song called Warzone. It was the first video filmed with my new camera the Sony FX3 from their cinema line.

Bayla - Turn It Around (Official Music Video)

Filmed with my older camera, the Sony FS100, this is a music video directed on a catchy pop tune for Bayla.

The NorthStars - Champions (Official Music Video)

Here's an older music video filmed with the classic Sony FS100 vintage camera. This was created in the cree nation of Nemaska (Northern Quebec) for rap group The NorthStars.

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